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Defiance and Mr. Good Looking is a fast-paced single player FPS where you play as two characters (a Gunslinger and a Swordsman), switching between them to manage health and ammo.

The Gunslinger (Mr. Good Looking): True to the retro shooters, he moves fast, can find weapons scattered through the levels and doesn’t even need to reload them.

The Swordsman (Defiance): Instead of shooting, he slashes, cuts and breaks enemies, he can only use the Ximira sword, but hidden in some levels there are scrolls that can teach new skills and wielding styles to him.

Levels are small, detailed and intricated, so you can rush to the end if you want, but there are a lot of secrets, finding them will help you in the long run.

The game has roots in Old School FPS (Boomer shooters) in the movement and fluid controls, but have some ideas of its own:

  • Dash away from attacks, every attack can be avoided, no hit-scanners!
  • Double jump or wall jump to attack from the high ground;
  • Break enemy parts to make them easier (or harder...) to deal with;
  • Cause status effects to kill more efficiently;
  • Kill enemies and switch characters to recover Health and Ammo;
  • Or kill no one and be a Pacifist Hunter;

Every level has awesome music, you know the best part? There are two versions of each track, one for each character! 

Switching between Defiance & Mr. Good Looking not only helps you in combat and resource management but also changes the level theme!

The game is officially on Steam Early Access containing the first episode with 10 levels (8 levels and 2 boss arenas).

Get it here:


DnMGL 0.4.0_x86_x64.zip 445 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and open the "Defiance and Mr Good Looking.exe".

Para mudar a linguagem para pt-Br, abra o jogo e vá em options>gameplay>language

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Tried out the demo...


Well you've really nailed the 90's/early 00's brutality haven't you?!?!? This was really tough but I loved every second that I spent playing it! I'm very excited to see how this develops, really good job!!


I really liked this level. It was challenging enough .

And love how your constantly updating. Great job.