Update 0.1.1 (Change log)

Hi, i bring a LOT of new stuff, but we are gentlemen/gentlewomen who live in a very busy world, so i'll make it as quick as possible.


Mr. Good Looking:

  • New passive: He shoots faster while in the air;
  • The normal jump height was reduced, but the wall jumping height and air time were increased;
  • The secondary fire of all the weapons is locked, finding the weapon for the second time unlocks it, this makes the tutorials less confusing and the weapons quirks are more visible; 


  • The hit detection of the sword was adjusted to make it clear the attacks were hitting different body parts of the enemies;
  • Removed the “stagger” from the normal attack;
  • Sword Styles added: Ximira Scrolls can add new attack styles (the primary attacks can inflict different status based on the equipped style), also the skills can only be cast when a certain style is equipped;


A.R.S.E. M and A.R.S.E. R (starting enemies)

  • Got visual changes, now they are different, M is red and and R is yellow
  • Got new animations (much more dynamic) for running and attacking
  • M has two melee attacks (with his arms)
  • R has a melee and a ranged attack (with his arms)

Big Robot

  • Has a new attack (with the machine gun)
  • Has new animations for punching, putting the barrier up, shooting and removing it

All enemies:

  • Can jump gaps and other obstacles (Except the A.R.S.E. R and the Mechanic (the can jump without his wrench));
  • Have new (and glowier) VFX were added to make it clear their attack;
  • Have better reaction time (don’t stand still or they will wreck you)


  • Enemy encounters are more dynamic (not all of them will be spawned at the start of the room/arena) making these places less stuffed and more interesting and to some extent easier;
  • Almost all encounters were changed to accommodate all of these changes 


Main menu

  • A new main menu with some fancy animations

All levels 

  • A new pickup is available, it recovers 30 energy;
  • More props were added;
  • A metric ton of lamps were added;
  • The lighting was improved (with the lamps the light makes more sense now)
  • Small changes on the room layouts (to accommodate the enemies jumping everywhere and the dynamic spawning);
  • Pickups are less frequent to find (switching characters is a lot more important);

Bug Fixes:

  • Finishing a level (excluding the last one) no longer send the player to the “Thanks screen”
  • The keybinds no longer show only “space” as the only key binded;
  • Jumping close to a ledge no longer gets the player stuck;
  • “Thanks screen” buttons are now working;


DnMGL 0.1.1_x86_x64.zip 779 MB
Dec 07, 2020

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