Update 0.3.3 is here, and it's flashy

Hi, long time no see! I brought some updates and new things to the demo.

New number: 

Yes, before the demo was 0.1.1 now we are in the brand new number 0.3.2, and that means that a lot of the old bugs have succumbed (and have made room for new ones that I haven't discovered yet).

Difficulty levels: 

Yes! Now you can make the game a little easier or harder, but not too much, I'm still balancing it!

Difficulty modifiers: 

Modifiers slightly change the way the game is played on any difficulty, for now only one modifier is available.

[Modifier] Low Supplies: 

Reduces the amount of ammo, energy and health pickups available, this modifier brings the gameplay closer to the spot i would like, where the player must be constantly changing characters to stay alive. 


Upon completing a level you earn medals for performance, depending on which character killed more enemies, the amount of enemies destroyed and secrets found. Now Your best time is saved and can be seen in the main menu along with the medals.


2 simple visual filters have been added in the options, for you who liked B.P.M. Bullets per Minute or have watched Sin.

More beautiful:

The levels are more beautiful, with more vivid colors

Small, but still brave: 

The game's file size has been optimized from 778mb to 464mb

Music in the menu: 

The silence of the main menu has been replaced by a music, and it is a completely new track!

Bug Fixes: 

  • Several bugs involving sound effects have been fixed
  • The controls are more precise and the player does not “slide” anymore when releasing the movement buttons (or at least I hope so)
  • A lot of stuff that i forgot

Was all this delay just for that?

Yes and no, in the period since the last update I worked on more levels (some are already ready but without music yet), creating more assets and enemies (not yet present in this version), fixing bugs (which I caused myself) and several things, but there was a great focus on polishing the game code and i also made a game in 15 days so there’s that… Don't worry more things are on the horizon...


DnMGL 0.3.2_x86_x64.zip 453 MB
Jan 30, 2021

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